An attic room with twin single beds upholstered headboards, cushions, eiderdowns and lampshades to match in molly mahon's hand block printed greencombe collection bringing uplifting colour and joy to the space

Block Print Fabric By British Printmaker Molly Mahon

Shop our collection of hand block printed fabric, designed by British printmaker, Molly Mahon and crafted by skilled Indian artists.
  • Take a look at our range of block-printed fabrics which are inspired by Molly's life and travels. Each and every design combines Molly’s love of colour, appreciation of pattern and passion for the artisan printing technique. There is a huge variety of designs to choose from including bold geometrics, stunning depictions of flora and fauna, and timeless patterns influenced by Indian architecture.

  • Molly Mahon Greencombe hand block printed collection celebrating Chelsea flower show being displayed with beautiful colour flowers

Discover our best-selling block-printed fabric

Molly Mahon is a renowned printmaker who lives with her husband and three children in their home in Sussex. She has always drawn inspiration and energy from nature, taking walks in nearby woodlands to renew her spirits, getting out in the fresh air for exercise and enjoying downtime in her natural surroundings.

She uses the parallel of freedom in nature and creativity to persuade her designs and recognises the colours, textures and patterns that are so effortlessly found in our natural world. The landscape of India has also heavily influenced her craft, after a trip to Jaipur helped further her appreciation of block printing and forged a longstanding connection with both the area and the artisans that are based there. 

Each of our block print fabric designs is based on one of Molly's initial sketches that have been transformed into unique block prints. As well as block-printed fabric, Molly's fun and exciting patterns can also be found on wallpaper, bedroom and bath accessories, and kitchenware.

Molly has also collaborated with well-known brands. For example, she partnered with Anthropologie for London Craft Week 2022, with a pop-up shop in the capital. She has also collaborated with Boden on a clothing range.

"Together we've merged our British sensibility and love for bold aesthetics."

Meet Molly

Make your statement with bold block prints

Lively prints and vivid colours are at the heart of our designer block-printed fabrics. They are ideal for making clothing that will let your personality shine through and for home interiors including curtains, bedding, and cushions. Many of the fabrics also have matching wallpaper and accessories so that you can truly put your stamp on any space.

Molly has a number of block print fabric collections, including a variety of plain linens, which have been hand dyed in Rajasthan. Her Bagru, Greencombe and Jaipur collections consist of hand-blocked designs applied to organic cotton and premium plant-based fabrics using water-based dyes. Her initial collection, the Deerhyrst collection, whilst based on original block prints, has been crafted in the UK using digital printing methods.

"Molly Mahon has a magical, modern eye for block printing. I have long been a fan of her work"

- Cath Kidston MBE

The Deerhyrst collection

The maiden collection from Molly, Deerhyrst was created at Molly’s kitchen table and includes the original designs that first caught the attention of the textiles industry.

Hand blocked originals copied into digital format to print our first collection here in the UK.

Explore the Deerhyrst collection below

Birds & Bees

Depicting the sights that Molly revels in during her walks in the stunning English countryside, our mono-colour cotton-linen blend adds life to any space. It depicts sprawling vines of mixed leaves and flowers alongside a variety of wildlife including birds, bees, butterflies and even cute little snails. It is available in a calming blue, tranquil pea green or uplifting blush colour.

Molly Mahon Marwari Horse wallpaper design in colour deep blue hung in a boot room

Marwari Horse

The Marwari horse is a rare breed from the north-western region of Rajasthan, Marwari. This fabric beautifully captures their strength and pace, with one front leg raised. Printed onto a 55% linen 45% cotton blend, this mono-coloured design comes in pink, duck and blue.

bathroom wallpapered in molly mahon's spot and star design with a white wood panel to protect from the water

Spot & Star

This spot and star block print fabric is incredibly fun whilst being reminiscent of the night’s sky with no star equidistant from one another or uniform in shape or size. It comes in rose, blush, indigo and petrol colours, making it fantastic for pairing contrasting colours or making use of different shades.

The Bagru Collection

The Bagru collection is where our journey with block-printed Indian fabric began. The Bagru collection consists of lighter Indian block print fabric emblazoned with joyful, vivid designs.

Explore the Bagru collection below


This design elevates the popular stripe pattern by adding shape and movement. The pattern can be interpreted in a multitude of ways from the hanging vines of a plant to the tracks left in the earth by a plough. This 100% cotton, hand block print fabric is available in pink, pale blue, or aubergine.


Dash is a simple, graphic design that has great usability. The pattern is eye-catching but the space behind it is just as powerful. Just as with other designs in the collection, so many different things can be visualised when looking at the fabric. It has an architectural vibe and can easily be likened to brickwork, chain links or the decorative gaps that can be seen on buildings across the globe.


Stars is a captivating reverse design that has a deep indigo background adorned with bright celestial shapes. It can stand on its own to make a statement but also works wonderfully when layered with other colours and patterns.

molly mahon hand block printed fabric hanging drying outside in warm breeze

Tuk Tuk

Our Tuk-Tuk hand block printed cotton fabric summons smiles thanks to its vibrancy and small-scale charm. It takes inspiration from the decorations of the beloved three-wheeled vehicles that are commonly seen on the roads of India and is available in pink, blue, green or yellow.

The Greencombe collection

The Greencombe collection is a celebration of nature. It encompasses all of the charm and beauty that is found in places such as the English countryside, the hills of Scotland and the stunning flower fields of India. The collection uses vivid colours that spark delight alongside the more earthy tones that our Earth reveals throughout the seasons.

Explore the Greencombe collection below
Kitchen curtains made in Molly Mahon's Poppy hand block printed fabric design with an armchair in yellow stripes and a cushion designed by Molly in her Seed mustard design


A fabric design based on Molly’s love of dots, this fun design is perfect for adding delightful pops of colour to any room or garment. There are three colourways that each use two shades to represent the small fruits that nature provides us.

Molly Mahon Dianthus fabric design on a four poster bed with matching seed design cushion set in a Georgian house interior


This fabric wonderfully merges a large repeating pattern and rich, earth tones for a design that is sophisticated and uplifting. It features sprigs of dianthus with their distinctive, two-toned frilled petals and jagged leaf shape. It is available in two colourways; rust & rose and indigo & iron.


This charming pattern depicts magnificent elephants marching along trunk to tail.  There is obvious movement in the design which allows you to easily envision a herd stomping through the undergrowth of Indian forests.

Double bed with head valance in Molly Mahon's Primrose hand block printed fabric with a head board in matching colours Trellis design finished off with a cushion in Primrose producing a beautiful spring like feel


Adopting the lines of an instantly recognisable garden trellis, this design from Molly Mahon is a block-printed interpretation of woven cloth. The pattern cleverly uses three colours to create lines, checks and squares.

The Jaipur collection

Molly's signature and award-winning collection is based on the vibrant colours seen across Rajasthan's capital city of Jaipur.

Explore the Jaipur collection below


Luna is an enthralling pattern that plays with light and dark to create something truly special. The design includes tube-like shapes with pops of white and contrasting colour running through it. Hand printed onto 100% linen, it is a versatile fabric that can be used for so many projects.

Molly Mahon's Marigold hand block printed fabric in yellow laid on the printing table after the master block printers have just applied the last block and it rests for drying


Available in two varieties, our bold Marigold wallpaper pays tribute to one of Molly’s most loved flowers. On the subcontinent, Marigolds are a symbol of passion and creativity which makes them a fitting focus for this hand block printed fabric. The design depicts the instantly recognisable layers of frothy petals sitting atop a thin stem.


Oak is a playful pattern based on the grand oak trees that loom over the landscape near Molly’s home. This block print linen features the shape of an oak leaf, plucked from the ground, and traced into Molly’s sketchbook alongside autumnal acorns.

Molly Mahon Pattee pink design upholstered on an armchair sat in front a lovely wallpaper design and a token cat sitting on it


The Pattee design is based on geometric, decorative fretwork and is influenced by the architecture and Persian gardens of Jaipur’s Amber Fort. This block print linen comes in four cheerful colourways; blue, khaki, pink and turmeric, with the repeating pattern featuring floral shapes of alternating colours.

Spots, stripes, stars or all three? The pattern mixing method

The power of patterns lies in their ability to add energy. The pattern of a fabric, in particular, can alter the scale of a piece of furniture or impact the perceived dimensions of an entire room. This is why mixing patterns within a space can have amazing results.

If you want to try fusing different fabric designs, there are so many ways in which you can experiment. You could try pairing patterns of different scales, for instance, or blending simple and more intricate designs. Picking patterns that share a tonal family or colour palette can also work well, as can providing contrast through the use of shades.

You can break up patterns by adding blocks of colour to keep things balanced but if you want a space filled with clashing colours, the only real limit is your imagination!

An attic room with twin single beds upholstered headboards, cushions, eiderdowns and lampshades to match in molly mahon's hand block printed greencombe collection bringing uplifting colour and joy to the space

From inception to India to interior

All of our designs start as doodles in Molly's sketchbook. She captures the essence of her surroundings by tracing foliage, reimagining the things she has seen on her travels and paying homage to the architecture that she encounters.

These designs are then immortalised by expert craftspeople who hand carve them into a block of material such as wood, rubber, or linoleum. It is these blocks that are then used to transfer the design onto eco-conscious fabric or paper. This process is carried out by skilled artisans in India who have been practising this hand printing technique for years, as part of the heritage of the country which spans centuries.

The final products are offered via this website, Molly’s London concession and a number of outposts around the world.

Perfecting the imperfections

The human touch of our fabrics is what makes them so endearing. By using the ancient art of blocking printing to create our designs rather than mass manufacturing methods, minor imperfections appear across the material which cannot be replicated. This makes each metre totally unique.

The technique is one of the earliest forms of printmaking and is believed to have emerged as early as the 5th century BC. Its roots can be found in Asia, and it was during the Mughal rule in India when it really flourished as a craft.

The floral motifs that founded this practice are still as popular today, even though adaptions to original designs took place once the method was introduced to Europe in the 17th century.

In India, the craft industry is vital to their economy and an integral part of the country’s culture and history. Unfortunately, it is at risk of being lost as modern manufacturing techniques continue to take a stronger hold.

It is for all these reasons that it is so important to Molly that her designs continue to be brought to life by the expert craftspeople of Jaipur. Their level of skill and the quality of the finished items cannot be compared to those born from mass production. What’s more, by partnering with artisans in Rajasthan, we are supporting the communities which rely on the income from the craft industry and helping to preserve an ancient art.

Conscious creativity

We believe that protecting the planet is just as important as protecting heritage crafts which is why we approach every aspect of our business with sustainability in mind. We source organic cotton and eco-conscious, plant-based fabrics, and use water-based dyes and natural pigments wherever possible.

In addition, we use zero plastic within our packaging and have taken steps to balance the impact we have on the environment as a result of the air miles used to transport our products.

Get artistically inspired

If you are interested in learning more about block printing and how to use this time-honoured technique to add creative flair to your home, then be sure to take a look at the upcoming workshops and events that Molly will be hosting. These workshops make for a fun and immersive day out but also give you the opportunity to create a bespoke item for your home. There's also the option to give the gift of a workshop to a loved one or access Molly's online course which comprises videos and lesson plans packed full of tips, advice and ideas.