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Molly Mahon hand block printed Dianthus Indigo Iron fabric design on head board and drape over four posted double bed with her seed cushion
"I am not alone in my desire to bring joy, craft and colour into our homes."

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We are passionate about the art of block printing and we will opt for this production method wherever we can. A piece of block printed cloth is a beautiful thing, it holds the story of all the skilled hands that it has passed through. Block printing is an ancient craft that has connected people over thousands of years; it is my honour to be part of that continuing journey today and we hope that you love the finished pieces as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

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Coming Soon - New Textual Wallpaper

Following on from the success of Molly’s hand blocked ‘Strawberry’ and ‘Bindi’ fabric designs, she has chosen an original printing method developed in the 1830’s to transfer the magic of this ancient craft onto new wallpaper, launching Tuesday 1st February. To register your interest..

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The art of block printing

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