molly mahon fern wallpaper in a child's bedroom with tipi tent, toys and soft cuddly teddy bears in a sussex eves room with a small narrow window

Floral Wallpaper By British Printmaker Molly Mahon

Shop our wonderful collection of designer floral wallpaper, exclusively designed by British printmaker, Molly Mahon. Ethically printed in the UK .
  • Shop our wonderful collection of designer floral wallpaper, inspired by nature near Molly’s Sussex home. From bold leaf prints to intricate scenes of summer, every design celebrates flora and fauna. Each roll is ethically printed in the UK and made from original block prints.

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Inspired by the beauty that is found in our natural world, these bright floral wallpapers from Molly Mahon are designed to spark joy and give you the same sense of tranquillity and peace in your home as stepping into the outdoors.

Discover a World of Print, Colour and Pattern with Molly Mahon

Molly Mahon is a renowned British printmaker whose block print originals are applied to quality fabrics, luxury wallpaper and a whole host of homewares such as mugs, aprons, cushions, and wash bags.

Every item starts as a sketch which is then brought to life by Indian artisans who hand carve the designs into wooden blocks. These are then used by master block printers who apply the patterns with stunning accuracy to eco-conscious, premium textiles. Bold, fun prints and vivid colours are combined to create our floral wallpaper patterns, and there are matching materials and accessories available so that you can style each room in your home exactly how you like.

Molly has collaborated with a variety of well-known brands including Boden and Anthropologie.

"I've always admired Molly's very British sensibility, which chimes so much with our own, introducing her Indian block prints to our new range has been a creative treat and it has been wonderful to see them sitting alongside our own hand-drawn prints" -  Johnnie Boden

Her playful and charming designs showcase the best of the British countryside and allow you to create unique and exciting spaces.

"Molly Mahon has a magical, modern eye for block printing. I have long been a fan of her work"

- Cath Kidston MBE

Bring the Outside In

For many of us, our home is our sanctuary and the place where we can truly be ourselves. Nature also allows us to feel free. Molly Mahon has drawn on influences from around her Sussex home such as the nearby woods and Ashdown Forest to create a bright floral wallpaper range that makes it easy to blur the lines between the two and bring the outside in.

The colours used in this collection echo those found in nature from the fresh greens of the fern leaf and the blush pink of ripening fruits, to the pale blue of a morning sky and the joyful yellow hue of flowers in bloom.

Molly Mahon wallpaper strawberry grass matched with strawberry design fabric curtains in an attic room designed for a young kids room

Strawberry Grass

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Eating ripe, juicy strawberries with a dollop of fresh cream is a quintessential British summertime treat. With this exclusive ditsy floral wallpaper from Molly Mahon, you can now bring the sweetness of the season into your home décor. Featuring a beautiful four-colour block print, this textured wallpaper is made using the heritage technique of surface printing. For an extra flourish of British nostalgia, it can be paired with matching hand-blocked fabric.

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a bedroom window seat in a bedroom decorated in molly mahon's birds and bees pea green wallpaper and the seat cushions upholstered in bagru pink with a matching curtain blind

Birds & Bees

Based on Molly’s walks in the stunning English countryside, our mono-colour Birds & Bees luxury floral wallpaper breathes life into any area. It features interwoven vines of mixed leaves and flowers and an array of English wildlife including birds, bees, and butterflies. It is available in a calming blue colour or an uplifting pea green.

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Molly Mahon wallpaper design fern filling a landing hall with delicious yellow light


The fern design of this wallpaper was born from the pressed leaves that Molly had in her journal, plucked from nature on some of the many walks she has taken in her local woods. The print showcases the distinctive long, thin silhouette of the hardy, evergreen leaf, complete with a central midrib and feather-like fronds. It comes in two colours: calming sage green and vibrant mustard.

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bedroom decorated in moly mahon wallpaper marigold pink blue design bringing a riot of colour and floral pattern married with calming pleated lampshades in dash cotton pink


Available in three beautiful colourways, our graphic Marigold wallpaper is an ode to one of Molly’s favourite flowers. Marigolds are a symbol of passion and creativity on the subcontinent which makes them a fitting motif for this bold floral wallpaper. The pattern of large, fluffy flowers is guaranteed to make an impact and leave you smiling any time you enter the room. Choose from pink and blue, pink and green or our sunshine yellow.

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attic bedroom decorated with molly mahon wallpaper tree design on the walls and set within the beams of the roof


Our Tree wallpaper celebrates the trees in Ashdown Forest, an area of outstanding beauty located 30 miles south of London. This magical woodland has been a source of inspiration for many, with some of the world's best-loved children's stories based on its stunning scenery. This design from Molly Mahon also tells a story of the forest's rich heritage and of the plants that have stood in the area for thousands of years.

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sussex cottage bedroom decorated in molly mahon wallpaper leaf grass design with bespoke molly mahon bed linen


This Leaf print wallpaper is based on those last few green leaves that fall from the trees right outside Molly’s door at the end of summer in England, signifying a change in season is on its way and Autumn is about to step in. The placement of the leaves on each roll creates a beautiful harmony of nature and geometry, with the blank space behind the foliage revealing a gentle criss-cross pattern.

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Matchimalism, Minimalism or Maximalism?

One of the best things about home décor is that the boundaries are limitless. You can truly impart your own personality with the way that you style your home. That might mean neutral tones with pops of colour, bold, clashing prints or matching patterns across surfaces and accessories.

Matchimalism is the concept of picking a pattern you adore and using it in as many ways as you can in any given space. That’s why our floral wallpapers have matching fabrics. With this fabric, you can create curtains, cushions, table runners, placemats and so much more to create a room where every aspect is in perfect, pattern-matched harmony.

If you are someone that prefers experimenting with different textures, shapes, colours and prints then maximalism might be for you. Maximalism throws out the notion of ‘less is more’ by using well-thought-out layering, contrast, and objects to create a space that is visually stimulating and keeps your eyes wandering. So, for instance, you might pair floral pastel wallpaper with geometric patterns but tie them together by using complementary colours such as blue and yellow or green and pink.

You also have the option to adopt a minimalistic approach to decorating your home. The concept of minimalism involves stripping things down to their most basic form, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun! Minimalist interior design is characterised by simplicity, uncluttered spaces, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette. Therefore, you could pick a floral accent wallpaper in your favourite colour and use this as the basis for styling an entire room. Pair it with natural tones and choose furnishings and accessories of the same colour to add vibrancy whilst maintaining a feeling of space and serenity. 

If you are ready to add spirited and fun patterns to your home then take a look at our kitchen and dining range and our bed and bath collection. Want to take the colour with you wherever you go? Then check out our travel accessories.

"Molly Mahon has a magical, modern eye for block printing. I have long been a fan of her work"

- Cath Kidston MBE
  • Block Printing: Artisan Creativity

    Block printing is an ancient method of transferring a design to cloth. It originated some 4,500 years ago and is a technique that is still revered and admired today.

    One aspect that drew Molly to hand block printing of her designs was the personal touch and human connection that is embedded into every single piece. The slight movement between each print and the unique differences give the items a finish and quality that just cannot be replicated by more modern techniques. It is these minute imperfections in each print that make them so special, much like the blemishes that can be found in nature. You only have to look at the four-leaf clover, which is the result of a mutation but a world-known symbol of luck to see how much beauty and joy can be found in the imperfect.

    The block printing begins in Molly’s East Sussex studio where she transforms her sketches inspired by nature, travels, and her daily life into repeat designs. Each design is then hand carved into a unique lino or wooden block before the pattern is applied by our team of expert craftsmen in India onto quality fabrics and paper. Once the pattern is finalised, it is printed onto premium wallpaper here in the UK.

  • hand block printing a table runner for evening supper party with molly mahon
  • surface print machine printing molly mahon strawberry wallpaper design as it has been printing for the last 100 years using the block print method done by the machine
  • Age Old Techniques

    For us, the human component is a pivotal part of all our products. We aim to invoke emotions with our designs but we also value each and every skilled person that is involved with bringing Molly’s initial doodles to life.

    By partnering with talented people in Jaipur, we’re able to support traditional skills that are woven into communities and keep artisanal products at the forefront of the creative arts arena. Each piece of block-printed cloth and paper goes on a journey that is moulded by many skilled hands, giving every item a story that started generations ago.

    Until recently, our wallpaper was digitally printed in the UK as an innovative and small-scale way of replicating the craft of hand block printing. However, we’ve utilised another form of block printing to create our Strawberry and Bindi designs. These wallpapers are produced using surface printing, which is a heritage technique dating back to the 1800s. Using this method, we’re able to create a wonderful, textured wallpaper that gives a special depth and energy to the design. What’s more, during the printing process, there are tiny variations in how the paint lands on the paper and this gives it a result that is exceptionally close to hand block printing.

Thinking Green

Our wallpapers might come in a wonderful array of colours but when it comes to our business choices and the materials we use, we’re all about staying green. Our environmental impact is carefully considered - just like the human aspect of our products is important to us, so is the way in which we treat our planet. Nature is woven into so many of Molly’s designs that it was obvious to us that our processes make sure we look after it.

Each collection is made in small batches. This allows us to focus on the details and create higher quality products, whilst avoiding waste. We use water-based ingredients and natural pigments where possible and only use organic cottons and plant-based fibres. This ensures your wallpaper, fabrics and furniture are long-lasting and can add happiness to your home for years to come. In addition, every leftover scrap of fabric is used somewhere along the journey - we avoid anything going to waste where we can.

We don’t use plastic to package any of our products. We're also mindful of our air miles and we’ve balanced this aspect of our business by supporting local communities and techniques that are often under threat from mass manufacturing. Unfortunately, block printing is a highly-skilled technique that is in danger of vanishing due to the rise of large-scale, machine-based printing yet this traditional craft provides employment opportunities to so many people across India and is a crucial part of the country’s culture and wellbeing.

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  • Molly Mahon block printing in her studio using the design she used with Boden
  • Are you a budding designer?

    If our flower print fabric has got you thinking about other ways you can take inspiration from nature in a creative capacity, why not come along to one of Molly's next workshops or events?

    "We need to make time to be creative. It feeds and nourishes the soul.” Molly Mahon

    In taking part, you’ll learn all about the ancient art of block printing, including how to make a block carving and application techniques. You can enjoy experimenting with colour, shape, and textures to create something bespoke that is a true reflection of your own personal style.

    Each workshop includes all the materials you need as well as refreshments throughout the day.