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Hawthbush Shepherd's Hut

Hawthbush Shepherd's Hut

I think of Hawthbush as a place where it all began. Belonging to our dear friends Toby & Lisa they have welcomed us and shared with us all the beauty that a 200 acre organic farm at the foot of the South Downs can offer....and wow is that inspiring.
It was Lisa who suggested I did a block print design as a wallpaper for their shepherds hut and it was the reaction of their guests that set in motion what I do today.
And so, how wonderful it felt to be back there decorating a new shepherds hut nestled int heir orchard for their own private use. Lisa and I took mugs of steaming coffee in the depths of last Winter and sat in the forlorn hut imagining sun streaming through windows and fruit dripping from trees. It was this time of year that we focused our thoughts and it was this that led to my decision to make this hut full of the joys of light and Summer.
As the hut developed so too did the idea that Lisa's wellness brand Amly might too use one of my designs to wrap their new travel kits they were making. Another perfect unity of two friends both following their dreams and supporting each other along the way.
The images below give you a taster of their idyllic home, the completed joyful hut, the launch of the Amly travel bag and the happy celebratory picnic we held to honour all this and be grateful for what we have.

"I find a room full of textures, layers and colours exciting and uplifting."

Molly Mahon

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