Fabric Care & Usage Information

Colour Matching

Due to the nature of base cloths and printing method it is not always possible to obtain an exact colour match. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that colours correspond to our samples, slight variations may occur. 

Colour fastness and Martindale rub test

Our fabrics are not guaranteed against colour fading. UV light can have an affect on both the natural fibres in our fabric and the inks we use.  Direct sunlight is not recommended and lining and interlining is strongly recommended when using our fabrics for curtains and blinds. Due to different printing processes, inks and base materials - colour fastness can vary from print process to print process and colour to colour.

All of our fabrics have been tested for their colour fastness to light test, and undergone a determination of abrasion test in the Martindale test. Please see the results below, they are based on the worst result over all the colours:

Colour fastness:

Oatmeal - 4-5

Cream Linen - 3-4

Indian Cotton - 4


Martindale rub test:

Oatmeal - 6,000-8,000 rubs

Cream Linen - 12,000-16,000rubs

Indian Cotton - 14,000-16,000 rubs



Fading caused by sunlight is always possible.

The effects on fabric used for curtains and blinds can be minimized by using a good lining and interlining, also by choosing a different fabric for the leading edges of the curtains. Swapping the curtains over from time to time helps to keep the fabric exposed to the sunlight to a minimum. When curtains are in use make sure to draw them back, consider using a pulley system to draw them back to avoid making the leading edge dirty.

We would not recommend putting fabric in direct sunlight, this will cause fabric to fade over time and we cannot be held responsible for this.

Beware of using spray cleaners in rooms with our fabrics as they can cause fading. This is because there are often chemicals in the sprays, including bleaching agents which can rise up in the air and settle on the fabric, we cannot be held liable for fading of this kind.


Dry cleaning is recommended for our fabrics. Up to 5% shrinkage can be expected.


A residual shrinkage/stretch of 2% should be allowed in making loose covers and curtains.


No liability will be accepted for changes in appearance, performance, or defects in any of our fabrics if they are treated after purchase by applying or processing of any kind, including flame proofing or the application of stain repelling treatments.

Deliveries to Third Parties

Where deliveries are made to third parties (curtain makers, upholsterers etc) on the instructions of the customer, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the correct material is received. We cannot accept claims after the fabric has been cut. Also, no claims will be accepted in respect of any costs of making up.

Faulty Goods

Fabrics should be carefully inspected prior to cutting. Whilst every effort is made to inspect each order, errors can be made and damage or creasing may occur in transit. Therefore it is essential that no length be cut until you are satisfied with the fabric in all respects. Any claim must be put in writing within 7 days of receipt of the fabric/trimming.


All goods are supplied by us on condition that our liability for any fault or defect in the quality, condition, description or fitness for any purpose, is limited in amount to a sum not exceeding the purchase price of the particular goods. In no circumstances whatsoever shall the company be liable for indirect or consequential loss or damage.