Molly Mahon Quilt being hand stitched by a seamstress after the fabric has been hand block printed and filled with natural fluffed cotton material

Handmade Quilts

Designed in Sussex, hand blocked and handmade in Rajasthan

Some ways don't change

Every stage of our quilt production is done by hand - they are handwoven, hand block printed, hand carded and hand stitched in Jaipur pretty much as they would have been 300 years ago.

molly mahon sitting with master block carver carving out and inspecting molly's design in India

Skilled Artisans

First, the wooden blocks for the block printing need to be carved. Then the very fine, gauzy cotton called Mulmul (which becomes the soft outer shell) needs to be handwoven and hand block printed.

We are very proud of all the amazing people involved

Each stage is carried out by artisans using skills and tools that have been handed down through the generations.