Molly Mahon's handmade jotter note book with her sketches of new designs set on a table with paint dish of a multitude of colours

Paper handmade from Waste Garments

Making paper out of cotton waste garments is a technique that has been used in India and around the world for decades and the quality of the paper is perfect for the creative artist and the journal keeper.

hands cupping the pulp left from the process from pulping cotton waste garment

Cotton Garment Pulp

Nothing goes to waste! Here the cutting waste from the fashion industry is pulped so it is ready to be made into paper.

  • Cutting waste from the fashion industry

    a pile of cotton garment cutting waste from the fashion industry in a corner of a warehouse
  • The mixing process to creating cotton paper

    two men with their hands making the garment pulp into paper sheets
  • The pressing process

    two men readying the pressing process for making cotton paper
  • The finished cotton paper sheets

    two ladies sorting out the pressed cotton paper