molly mahon fern wallpaper in a child's bedroom with tipi tent, toys and soft cuddly teddy bears in a sussex eves room with a small narrow window

Designer Wallpaper by British Printmaker Molly Mahon

Shop our collection of colourful designer wallpaper, exclusively designed by British printmaker, Molly Mahon. Ethically handcrafted in the UK and India.
  • Shop our colourful collection of handcrafted designer wallpaper, exclusively designed by British printmaker, Molly Mahon, in her East Sussex studio. From intricate leaves to bees and blossoms, there’s a pattern to suit every space - each ethically made from original block prints.

  • Molly Mahon printmaker's online course demonstrating in her studio with all her block printed examples

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Inspired by nature, designed for your home. Fill your space with bespoke designer brand wallpaper to bring warmth, cosiness and lashings of colour to each and every room.

Discover a World of Print, Colour and Pattern with Molly Mahon

Molly Mahon is a celebrated printmaker in the British textiles industry whose block print originals are applied to luxury wallpapers, quality fabrics and functional items for the home, from napkins to oven gloves!

Each piece is carefully crafted by artisans in India, using hand carved wooden blocks and premium, eco conscious products that combine to create a lifetime of joy. Playful prints and vibrant colours are the essence of our designer wallpaper patterns, available with matching material and accessories to craft your perfect home.

From Boden to Anthropologie, Molly has collaborated with an impressive feast of beloved brands and continues to bring delight with her truly British designs, each inspired by her love of nature and travel.

"Molly Mahon has a magical, modern eye for block printing. I have long been a fan of her work"

- Cath Kidston MBE

Be Bold, be Beautiful

Humans have expressed themselves through colour and pattern for centuries. And we’re no different at Molly Mahon. Each hand block printed wallpaper is thoughtfully designed to elevate your home and bring a smile to any who enter it.

Many of our colours have been inspired from the rich, bold palettes of India. Here Molly was drawn to the energy of rich, vibrant cities, each dressed in rainbow shades from the buildings and bridges to the colourful clothing worn by the country’s wonderful people.

Bright blue is prominent in our range of block prints, inspired by the iconic Indian colour that results from the fermentation of Indigofera leaves. The inky dye is especially important in Bagru, a small village where we work, and creates a rich, long-lasting hue that’s very pleasing to the eye.

Our Denim collection features a bold indigo shade that sits well in most rooms, as calming as our beautiful blue oceans and sky. You’ll also discover deep navy for a contrasting look, and brilliant pale blue best suited to an airy light space.

Yellow is a symbol of hope, joy and happiness across India - three things Molly loves to evoke through her designs. You’ll see a multitude of shades everywhere you go, from deep turmeric-dyed fabrics to canary coloured marigold fields.

No matter the shade, yellow is an instantly jolly colour that can cheer up any room. Pops of rich mustard and light lemon yellow absorb the rays of the sun to create a warm, glowy feeling even in the colder months.

Our favourite yellow designer wallpapers

Shades of green are a classic nod to nature and are said to automatically make us relax and destress - perfect for injecting into a busy home! So it’s not surprising that we have a fair few hues in our designer wallpaper collection.

Crisp grassy tones match our classic Leaf block print whilst our minty pea green is a cooler shade that creates a welcoming space. Mix with hints of bright yellows and pinks to add excitement and charm, or keep it cool with complimentary blue.

Pink is a naturally friendly colour that lends itself to any room in the house. Our range of rosy pink wallpapers are inspired by Jaipur, affectionately known as the Pink City of India. Made from the Indian madder plant, the paste results in a subtle, dusty tone that can brighten up any wall.

Don’t be afraid to put pink front and centre of your home. This powerful, elegant shade is super cosy for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, no matter your gender. Pair our pretty pink with a classic Hearts print, or couple with blue or green in our Marigold collection.

Our favourite pink designer wallpapers

We have a penchant for vibrant colours here at Molly Mahon. But you’ll also find lighter pastels and a cosy palette of golds and sage to bring personality and passion to your home.

bathroom decorated in molly mahon wallpaper coral blue beautifully light with a haze of pink from the hand block printed fabric and greens from a soft upholster chair in berry grass sky fabric

Birds, Bees and Bindi, Oh My

Nature is at the heart of our designs. Molly’s favourite moments are often marked by natural symbols... ferns found on a family walk, coral for her Mother’s love of the coast, the trees of Ashdown Forest. We’re drawn to nature and feel comfort when it’s brought into our home.

From strawberry fields to starry skies, each print has been carefully chosen to bring joy, peace and plenty of personality. Discover our best selling designer floral wallpaper, Marigold. Or get inspired by Molly’s trips to India. Here you’ll find the rare Marwari Horse trotting along the streets of Rajasthan and our blue Bindi print from the Bagru Collection, a cheerful, subtle stripe that will uplift any space.

‘I find it very easy to
find inspiration in
nature. Quite simply, I
love it!’ - Molly Mahon

  • New Kids on the Block

    Create a welcoming, warm home for you and your family with our newest and most popular designer wallpapers in the UK. Find your perfect print and stamp your mark with ease.

Making a House a Colourful Home

They say home is where the heart is. To us it’s even more. It’s where we create, imagine and seek comfort. It’s our backdrop to a lifetime of memories and stories to be told. Our home is a reflection of our colourful characters, from the pitter patter of tiny feet to the paws of our four-legged friends.

Our curated collection of wallpapers allows you to make your home a beautiful, joyful space that will entertain and delight for years to come. Don’t be afraid to get expressive. Your rooms should be as bright and beautiful as you wish - something you truly can’t wait to come home to.

Attic room spilling over with Molly Mahon's hand block printed designs on headboards, quilts, cushions, lampshades, and bunting with two single beds separated by a small chest of draws

"Real homes are not showrooms or magazine ready rooms. Real homes are spaces to be comfortable and relaxed in." - Molly Mahon

  • Light up your living room with a roll of Birds & Bees, or colour in your kitchen with autumnal leaves. There’s also plenty of trendy designer bedroom wallpaper prints to strike your fancy including our sophisticated Tree pattern inspired by Molly’s local forest.

    Not sure where to begin? Trust your instincts and start with a small space - we normally choose what we love when it comes to interiors, whether it represents a significant memory or something that speaks to our family. Take a look at our Mood Boards for more printspiration and dare to be adventurous!

To match or to Clash

Why have one pattern if you can have them all? The fabulous thing about patterns is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one. Mixing prints can give a home a contemporary, energising quality - and that way you won’t have to struggle to decide!

There are no rules when it comes to getting creative in the home. Clash abstract patterns with big blooming florals, or twin stripy designs with standout natural shapes such as Coral or Hawaiian themed Lani. The key is to pick complimenting colours… light blue and pale green, yellow and indigo, or bright pink and sage.

If matching is more your style, pick a patterned wallpaper for each room and pull out key colours to inject into your furnishings. From towels to bedspreads, highlighting one or two shades throughout your accessories will really make your pattern pop.

Why not take your matching designs one step further and go for the fully printed look? Matchimalism is all about embracing your favourite print and inserting it everywhere you can. Each of our interior design wallpapers have a matching fabric that turns perfectly into curtains or blinds. Pair with a set of matching cushions, a pleated lampshade or kitchen accessories such as a table cloth or tea towel for a super fun, extravagant touch.

Ready to give your home a splash of colour? Take a look at our collection of home goods or give your bedroom a pattern-inspired makeover with a set of bedroom accessories.

fern mustard wallpaper set in a single bedroom a headboard upholstered in luna turmeric hand block printed fabric all designed by molly mahon finished off with a pleated fabric lampshade in seed mustard sitting on top of a honey pot lamp base
master hand block printer printing molly mahon's design starry sky

The Art of Block Printing

Block printing is an ancient form of transferring design to cloth that goes back over 4,500 years - and we still love it today. One of the many things that drew Molly to hand block printing was the personal connection with each and every piece. The odd movement between each print of paint gives the finished product a sense of authentic energy that can’t be achieved with a machine. Like the imperfections of real life, it’s what makes it beautiful.

The block printing process starts in Molly’s countryside studio where she turns doodles from nature, travels and her daily life into repeat designs. Each is then carved into a unique lino or wooden block, and brought to life on quality fabrics and paper by our team of master printers in India. 

  • Keeping Traditions Alive

    Human connection is key to us, from the joy our designs evoke to the people responsible for their creation. We know every single artisan we work with in India and the UK - and their skills are second to none! 

    By partnering with crafts people in Jaipur, we’re able to support rich traditions that connect communities and keep the inimitable quality of handmade art alive. Each piece of block-printed cloth and paper is passed through multiple skilled hands, making it a treasured story to pass down through generations.

    Recently we’ve experimented with another form of block printing to create our Strawberry and Bindi designs. Using surface printing, we’re able to create a wonderful, textured wallpaper with water based inks that ooze luxury and charm.

Small Batch Sustainability

We’re conscious of our impact on the environment and the mark we might make, aside from our patterned prints. So respecting how we treat our planet is just as important to us as creating joy. Every element of our business is thoroughly researched to make sure it’s the best it can be and fills us with pride - from the materials we use to the process of creation.

Each collection is made in small batches which allows us to focus on the details and create higher quality products. It also helps us to avoid waste whilst using water based ingredients and natural pigments where possible. We only use organic cottons and plant based fibres, ensuring your wallpaper, fabrics and furniture last for decades of fun. And every leftover snippet is used somewhere along the journey - nothing goes to waste if it doesn’t have to. 

When it comes to packaging, you won’t see any plastic. And whilst we’re mindful of air miles, we’ve balanced this with supporting local communities to thrive who are often under threat from bulk manufacturing. Block printing is sadly in danger due to the rise of machine-printed fabric, yet this traditional craft creates hundreds of employment opportunities and is integral to India’s culture and wellbeing.

Ready to shop? Take a look at our collection of designer wallpapers and get colourful!

Molly Mahon Greencombe hand block printed collection celebrating Chelsea flower show being displayed with beautiful colour flowers

  • molly mahon hand block printing a table runner for a dinner party

    Get Crafty

  • Inspired to get creative? Join Molly at one of her immersive block printing workshops and learn how to make your very own printed piece. You’ll experiment with colour, pattern and material before going home with a beautiful product to display in your home.