Staircase arriving up in a landing wall covering of fresh yellow fern design from Molly Mahon bringing in the light and fresh glow of summer

Mood Boards

To help you inspire your design for your home we have collated some mood boards that both Molly uses in her home and for schemes she is designing on a regular bases.

Oak Natural Blue

Paint:- Parsonage Pink Papers and Paints

Cushion:- Luna Oyster Khaki

Luna Oyster Pink

Paint:- Emerald Green F&B

Wallpaper:- Birds & Bee Blue

Marigold Natural Pink

Paint:- Lake Red

Cushion:- Luna Blue Pink

Marigold Natural Blue

Paint:- Wonderful World PTTG

Fabric:- Pattee Oyster Khaki

Rose Oyster Pink

Paint:- Confetti LG

Fabric:- Oatmeal (Natural Linen Cotton Mix)

Molly's Bedroom

Paint:- Canton LG

Fabrics:- Dash Cotton PinkStripe Oyster BlueBagru Cotton Pink

Wallpaper:- Marigold Pink/blue

lani's bedroom

Paints:- Mister David and Canton LG

Fabric:- Luna Oyster Khaki

Wallpaper:- Fern Mustard

Cushion:- Bagru Cotton Dark Blue

leaf pink

Paints:- Canton LG, Mudd Bauwerk

Fabric:- Luna Oyster Pink

A Seasonal Setting

marigold pink/green

Paint:- Emerald Green F&B

Fabric:- Rose Oyster Pink

Cushion:- Bagru Cotton Pink

A Seasonal Setting

Orlando's Bedroom

Paint:- Emperor's Silk Annie Sloan

Wallpaper:- Spot & Star Pink

Fabric:- Tuk Tuk Cotton Blue

marigold yellow

Paint:- Mister David LG

Fabric- Pattee Oyster Khaki

Cushion:- Bindi Natural Cushion

Deerhyrst Sitting Room

Paint:- Parsonage Pink Papers and Paints

Fabric:- Luna oyster Blue Pink

Cushion:- Bagru Cotton Pink

Coral green

Paint:- Wonderful World Paint The Town Green

Fabric:- Bindi Cotton Pale Blue

Lampshade:- Bagru Cotton Dark Blue

Oak Oyster Blue

Paints:- Sap Green F&B, Paprika Bauwerk

Fabric:- Bindi Cotton Aubergine

Mawari Horse Gold

Paint:- Scotch Blue F&B

Fabric:- Pattee Oyster Turmaric

Cushion:- Tuk Tuk Cotton Yellow