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Bloom Is Blooming!

Bloom Is Blooming!

Introducing our new fabric collection, BLOOM! As with every new collection, it started with a seed of an idea and then, like a glorious bloom, it pokes it head out of the ground and starts to wind its way upwards, resulting in a full and open collection of colourful pattern, its face turned towards the sun bursting forth with joy and delight.


It was the notion that inspired the beginnings of Bloom. Originally called "Dahlia Mania", the first of five new patterns in this collection is a pure celebration of this wonderful flower in all her multitude of colour. I sort of entered a dahlia mania and became obsessed with watching the blooms appear, especially amazed by the likes of the Cafe au Lait.In this new collection, I continue to celebrate the dynamic colour range that surrounds my life, pink saried ladies in India, sap greens in the forest, blue skies and of course, all the wonderful colour palette of a bed of Dahlias.

Bright, bold and beautiful, Bloom is a collection both classic and playful in equal measure.


Dahlia Dahlia, oh, Dahlia! What a sensation of a flower you are with your blousy flowers, huge colour palette and variety. The first time I saw a full bed of Dahlias my heart skipped a beat and you have continued to evoke appeal.


I have learnt over the years that a geometric really helps balance a floral print in a room scheme. Something solid and bold grounds the more free pattern of a floral repeat. They are very useful to use in interiors as there is no start or finish flowing fluidly across curtains, or over a chair.


Another homage to the romance and beauty of flowers and our natural kingdom. Beguiled by the detail and celebration of blooms seen in Miniature paintings on my trips to India, I could not resist this more Indian style print.


Big, bold, and perfectly imperfect our new Wide Stripe is simple, timeless and sits so well alongside the softer, floaty florals.


All hand picked blooms need a vessel. After a few terms experimenting in ceramics I became really fascinated by the wonderful shapes and silhouettes of vases over the ages. Making my own vases and growing my own dahlias gave me a closer connection with the shapes and colours I could work with.


Block printing is one of the oldest known methods of transferring designs on to cloth so it’s rather special that it has stood the test of time. I love that my craft has such a rich history and a great deal of my enjoyment comes from giving this ancient craft a contemporary slant for today’s homes. I highly value the importance of things made by hand and the craft that produces its outcome. I never tire of lifting the block and seeing the impression that has been left, the slight imperfections. To me it brings the fabric alive and this is exactly what it does to our homes.

Individual and intricately carved blocks are used to print each colour within a design. The pattern comes to life as the printer works his way along the table, block by block.

With my love of home always in mind, I design pieces to enhance interiors and create charming, joyful spaces. Respecting how products are created is just as important to me, as creating joy in the home. Everything we make is done in small batches allowing us to focus on the details and creating higher quality products with no waste. Where possible we use the cleanest water based paints and organic or plant based cloth. We never throw away even a snippet of cloth; always finding a way to use it up.

All of our Bloom fabrics are now live on our website on the Bloom fabric collection page. We have loved sending out all of your Bloom samples so far, and can't wait to see what you do with them - or what other MM faves you decide to pair it with!

Don't forget you can order BLOOM fabric by the metre which is cut with love in house by our small team at MM HQ.



"I find a room full of textures, layers and colours exciting and uplifting."

Molly Mahon

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