floral fabric by molly mahon hand block printed primrose in greens and blues backed by the design seed in green as a valance over an headboard upholstered in a trellis design in matching colours on a double bed

Floral Fabric by British Printmaker Molly Mahon

Shop our collection of floral patterned fabric, exclusively designed by British printmaker, Molly Mahon and Ethically block printed in India by expert craftspeople.
  • Shop our colourful collection of floral patterned fabric, with roots that can be found in Molly’s travels throughout India and her strolls in nature near her Sussex home. The collection includes fabrics adorned with bright bunches of classic English flowers to delicate ditsy prints inspired by the architecture of Jaipur.

  • Molly Mahon Greencombe hand block printed collection celebrating Chelsea flower show being displayed with beautiful colour flowers

Discover our most popular floral fabrics

Taking inspiration from the British countryside and trips to India, Molly Mahon’s range of floral print fabric has been created so that you can bring the vividness, variety, and joy found in nature into your home.

Discover a World of Print, Colour and Pattern with Molly Mahon

Molly Mahon is a British printmaker who is well-known in the industry for her bold use of colour and application of heritage techniques.

Her stunning designs have appeared in publications such as House & Garden, The World of Interiors and Country Life, and she has collaborated with clothing company Boden on a spring print range for both women and children.

Alongside fabrics and wallpaper, Molly's designs are also available on a range of other homewares including mugs, cushions and quilts.

Each print is designed by Molly Mahon before being brought to life using traditional block printing techniques. Skilled Indian craftspeople hand carve Molly’s designs into wooden blocks before expertly applying them manually onto premium organic cotton and other plant-based fibres including viscose and linen.  

Akin to nature itself, Molly’s fabrics allow your imagination to run wild in creating innovative interiors, practical accessories and vibrant, bespoke apparel.

"Molly Mahon has a magical, modern eye for block printing. I have long been a fan of her work"

- Cath Kidston MBE

Let your creativity blossom

Flowers have long represented renewal and beauty. They have the power to invoke memories of spring times gone by, uplift spirits and inject delight into any setting. Fresh bouquets are often given as a gift to friends and loved ones, and flowers are known to feature heavily in celebrations across the globe.

In India, flowers and the natural world have a particularly special significance. For example, in Hinduism, one of the most widely followed religions in the country, it is believed that humans and nature are intrinsically linked as we rely on our natural world for survival.

Molly Mahon has expertly captured the lifeblood of the most beautiful flowers found on our planet with a range of block-printed fabrics that can be used in any way that your heart desires. Whether you want a fresh, tranquil space finished with curtains and soft furnishings in blue hues, or a colour-filled bedroom with clashing prints featured in the bedding, lampshades and finishing touches, Molly’s fabrics will speak to your creative side.

Molly Mahon Bagru pink design fabric upholstered on an armchair sat next to a oil painting


This fresh, botanical pattern features a bright, solid colour background with the floral fronds encompassing the white space of the design. The small hand block print comes in two colourways, dark blue and pink, and has been applied to 100% floral cotton fabric.

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fabric laid out on a printing table drying after it has been hand block printed in molly mahon's buti design


This floral fabric combines geometric lines with the curves found in nature for a delightful, small-scale print. The 100% cotton fabric is available in pink and blue, with each design making use of two shades so that the modest flowers really stand out against the background diamond pattern.

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Arm chair upholstered in Molly Mahon Clover design a beautiful floral print


Taking inspiration from one of Molly’s favourite necklaces, a four-leaf clover encased in glass, this design uses pastel tones to create a fresh and peaceful feeling. The pattern features repeating four-leaf clovers, which are a well-recognised symbol of luck, love, hope and faith against a spotty background. The fabric is a 51% linen 49% cotton blend and is printed in the UK.

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four poster bed decorated in Molly Mahon Dianthus hand block printed fabric


Dianthus uses rich, earthy tones and a large-scale pattern for a floral design that is refined yet cheerful. It comes in two wonderful varieties, rust & rose and indigo & iron, and features bunches of dianthus with their distinctive frilled petals and simple leaf shape.

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Molly Mahon's Marigold hand block printed fabric in yellow laid on the printing table after the master block printers have just applied the last block and it rests for drying


Available in two beautiful colourways, our graphic Marigold fabric pays homage to one of Molly’s favourite flowers. Marigolds are a symbol of passion and creativity on the subcontinent which makes them a fitting motif for this floral linen fabric. The pattern features large, fluffy flowers with small, delicate leaves in uplifting colours that are sure to invoke cheeriness.  

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Molly Mahon's Pattee hand block printed fabric folded on a table in all 4 colourways


Hand block printed in Rajasthan onto 100% linen fabric, our Pattee design is based on interlaced, decorative fretwork and is inspired by the architecture and Persian gardens of Amber Fort, which is located in Amer, Jaipur. It comes in four bright colourways; turmeric, khaki, pink and blue, with each featuring a close-knit repeating pattern of floral shapes in complementary colours.

The pink floral fabric and blue floral fabric varieties are even available in two different types of linen: oyster and natural. The oyster linen offers a paler backdrop whilst the natural linen has a darker undertone.

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Kitchen curtains made in Molly Mahon's Poppy hand block printed fabric design with an armchair in yellow stripes and a cushion designed by Molly in her Seed mustard design


Molly has long been in awe of this revered and iconic image of the poppy which was originally created by the Mughals and featured heavily in their art. Molly’s ode to this popular design comes in three stunning colour pairings: rose & sky, rose & grass, and mustard & sky. The design shows poppies in full bloom alongside small buds and the flower’s recognisable jagged leaves.

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Double bed with head valance in Molly Mahon's Primrose hand block printed fabric with a head board in matching colours Trellis design finished off with a vase of flowers producing a beautiful spring like feel


This delightfully sweet design perfectly captures the spirit of the primrose flower. The delicate petals are deep indigo and sit on a sprig of bold, green leaves. Silhouettes of the primrose sprawl across the background in a pale blue hue, reminiscent of a clear morning sky.

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The beautiful Rose hand block printed fabric design being displayed in a studio for a photoshoot


Roses have held heavy symbolism for centuries and are known for their beauty and fragrance. For some, they are seen as a metaphor for overcoming difficulties; their thorny stems representing hardships and the flower representing the reward of perseverance. For others, they represent romance and love. They have appeared in art and literature throughout the ages and now feature on this stunning fabric in the form of timeless, bold, repeating rosettes.

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A perfect example of a Molly Mahon customer going full belt with our Strawberry hand block printed design with curtains and matching wallpaper in a London attic room


This ditsy print fabric is guaranteed to bring a touch of sweetness to your life. Packed full of British charm, the pattern features runners of strawberry fruits, delicate flowers, and toothed leaves. The nostalgic design is available in two varieties; grass, which uses vivid green, blush pink and rich red, and copper, which combines earthy and pastel tones.

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a hand holding back molly mahon's hand block printed tulip designed fabric backed with seed in matching colour


Large, eye-catching flowers appear to line up ready to dance on this fabric, mimicking the movement that tulips make when caught in a light breeze. The design uses simple shapes, but the result is incredibly impactful. You can opt for deep, rich colours for a sophisticated feel or choose lighter, brighter tones for more playfulness.

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Curtains hanging in Molly Mahon hand blocked Wild Carrot design

Wild Carrot

A simple yet elegant design, this fabric depicts the summer hedgerows full of wild carrot that adorn English woodlands, coastlines, and riversides. The flower is shaped like an upturned umbrella and features dainty frothy flowers atop a thin stem.

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Bold blooms or dainty ditsy print?

Whether it's vintage style floral fabric you’re using to make a retro-inspired outfit, or you have your eye on a colourful floral fabric that you feel will suit a space, the scale of the print is something that you might be considering.

There are no hard and fast rules with using floral fabrics, and people are finding fun and innovative ways to use them to style themselves and their homes. Our mood boards are a great place to get inspired, as is our Pinterest if you are still undecided on how to best use printed floral fabrics.

For floral dressmaking fabrics, smaller patterns may work better as they can make pattern matching easier. That’s not to say you can’t use big, bold prints but you might just need more material to guarantee you can align the design throughout the garment.

Smaller patterns also work well for home and personal accessories such as bags, headbands, cushions, and tea towels where full appreciation of a large size design may be harder to achieve.

For home interiors, you can really experiment with scale, pattern, and colour. Choosing a large floral print for chairs and curtains, for instance, can help you to make a statement and you can pull out colours from the designs for decorative accents. Smaller, ditsy prints, on the other hand, can help bring cottage core dreams to life or inject colour and interest into a room with a neutral base.

You can even try a maximalism approach by mixing patterns, flower types, sizes and colours!

  • Molly Mahon Bagru pink design fabric upholstered on an armchair sat next to a oil painting
  • Double bed with head valance in Molly Mahon's Primrose hand block printed fabric with a head board in matching colours Trellis design finished off with a cushion in Primrose producing a beautiful spring like feel
  • a hand holding back molly mahon's hand block printed tulip designed fabric backed with seed in matching colour
  • Molly Mahon Pattee pink design upholstered on an armchair sat in front a lovely wallpaper design and a token cat sitting on it
Molly Mahon master block printers printing the hand blocked Mughal design in their studio

Block printing: An ancient art

Block printing has a long and vibrant history. As one of the oldest forms of printmaking, it has its roots in India, China and Japan, and there is evidence to suggest that the technique was used as early as the fifth century BC.

Essentially, it involves using a carved material, such as wood, linoleum, or rubber, and covering it in ink to then transfer the design onto fabric or paper.

It is an artisan craft that takes a tremendous amount of skill, accuracy, and patience. There are so many steps involved from carving an initial sketch onto the transfer block, to mixing dyes and the application.

The process results in a design that has perfect imperfections but also a texture and life that cannot be created by more modern printing techniques.

The human connection of craftsmanship

One of the reasons why hand block printing is so integral to Molly’s designs is the human touch that it embeds into each and every finished piece.

Molly’s fabrics weave people and creativity together at every step. They begin with drawings that Molly adds to her sketchbook. Expert craftspeople in Jaipur then take these initial ideas and hand carve the designs onto blocks. Using dyes, the designs are applied block by block onto fabric or paper. This takes a monumental amount of precision with regard to placement and pressure.

After agriculture, craft is the city’s largest employer, and it is well recognised for its economic and cultural importance. Many organisations support Jaipur’s creative industries and are championing the improvement of working conditions and preservation of time-honoured techniques.

The finished products are finally picked by people across the world, based on their own unique tastes. Molly’s fabrics, wallpapers and homewares allow people to explore their creativity and create homes that suit their style and bring joy to their hearts. Without human involvement at every step of the process, bringing these ideas to life just wouldn’t be possible.

Each collection is made in small-scale batches as this allows us to focus on the details and create premium products, whilst limiting waste. Even when there are leftover materials, every scrap is used at some point in our process to avoid anything going unused.

Plastic packaging is only used where insurance insist with fabric & wallpaper shipment. However no plastic is used in any of our other packaging. We're also conscious of our air miles and we have sought to balance this aspect of our business by supporting local communities in India and crafts that are at risk of falling by the wayside as a result of mass manufacturing.  

Feeling inspired? Browse our collection of floral fabrics and allow your creativity to flourish!

Planet-conscious prints

Our fabrics come in a fabulous range of colours but when it comes to our processes and materials, we really do think green.

We only used water-based products, opting for natural pigment wherever possible. We print onto organic cotton or other high-quality, plant-based fibres such as linen and viscose, that have been carefully sourced, and we pay above the average cost for these materials as we feel we are paying a fair and reflective price.

Are you a budding designer?

If our flower print fabric has got you thinking about other ways you can take inspiration from nature in a creative capacity, why not come along to one of Molly's next workshops or events?

"We need to make time to be creative. It feeds and nourishes the soul.” Molly Mahon

In taking part, you’ll learn all about the ancient art of block printing, including how to make a block carving and application techniques. You can enjoy experimenting with colour, shape, and textures to create something bespoke that is a true reflection of your own personal style.

Each workshop includes all the materials you need as well as refreshments throughout the day.