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Curtain Call

Curtain Call

Choosing your curtains can feel completely overwhelming and tends to be one of the bigger investments when creating a room. Over the coming months we will take a deeper dive in to what I choose and why, but first off, here are my starting tips to help you make a really confident decision.

Consider the Room's Use: 

Different rooms serve different purposes, and the choice of curtains should align with the function of each space. For instance, bedrooms may benefit from heavier, light-blocking curtains for privacy and better sleep, while living rooms may suit lighter fabrics to allow natural light and as much window reveal during the day.

Match with Overall scheme:

Ensure that the curtains complement the overall theme and style of your home. Consider the colour palette, patterns, and textures already present in the room. Harmonizing these elements will contribute to a cohesive and unified look. If you are starting from scratch then select your paint colour and curtains together – this will make a fantastic starting point for the space.

Take Window Size and Shape into Account:

The size and shape of your windows play a crucial role in determining the style of curtains. Do you want a full sweeping length down to the ground or would blinds be more practical? For smaller windows, using light weight curtains can make the room feel more open. In larger spaces, heavier and more substantial interlined curtains can create a sense of cosiness. Consider the height of the ceilings and whether floor-length or shorter curtains would be more suitable.

Functionality and Light Control:

Assess your practical needs, such as how much light you want to let into the room and the level of privacy required. We don’t have anyone who could see in to our bedroom so I opted for Poppy design without a lining, personally I welcome the light shining through in the morning, but, if privacy or complete darkness is a priority, consider blackout or well lined curtains. Additionally, think about how easily you want to be able to open and close the curtains and whether you'd like to incorporate additional features like tie-backs or hold-backs.

Embrace Bold Patterns:

I am known for my distinctive block printed fabrics with bold and colourful patterns. I think you have come to our website because you are able to embrace these vibrant designs and are looking for something eye catching? Keep in mind the colour scheme of your room and select a print that complements or contrasts effectively. Go with your gut; we mostly know what we like and its important that we listen to ourselves. 

Balance with Solid Colours:

To avoid overwhelming the space, balance the bold patterns of our block printed fabrics with solid colours, such as our plains, or a geometric pattern. I often balance a geo and a floral together. Use the printed fabric for the curtains and incorporate solid colours from the fabric into other elements in the room, such as headboards, upholstery, or the bed valance. 

Mix and Match Prints:

If you're feeling adventurous, consider mixing and matching different Molly Mahon block printed fabrics within the same room. This can create a dynamic and eclectic look. Ensure there is a common thread, such as a shared colour or theme, to maintain cohesion in the overall design.

Choosing the right curtains can add a unique and vibrant touch to your home. Be bold and choose something that you truly love and have an affinity with. I decorate with my gut alongside considering the practical elements of the room.

Pattern aside there are so many styles of curtains, here are just a few to help with your planning:

Pencil Pleats:

A sharp sophisticated look, Reminiscent of regency grandeur, these curtains feature tightly gathered folds at the top, creating a tailored and formal look. Whether adorning the windows of a classic Georgian home or a modern townhouse, pencil pleats exude sophistication.

Quintessentially British with Café Curtains:

We used to see city houses adorned with lace café curtains creating privacy and a lovely cosy atmosphere within, a quintessentially British choice. These half-length curtains provide privacy while allowing natural light to flood in. I still adore this style but, would choose a pattern on a light cotton or linen. Perfect for kitchens and dining areas, café curtains infuse a touch of charm and warmth into your living spaces.

Country Retreat with gentle ripple fold.

For those seeking a touch of rural charm, a gentle ripple fold (which is what I mostly choose) offers a perfect blend of simplicity and style. The flowing fabric brings a sense of comfort and relaxation. Ideal for country retreats and cottage-style homes, these curtains are an ode to pastoral elegance.

City Chic with Pinch Pleats:

Bring a touch of city chic into your abode with pinch pleats. These curtains boast folds that gather at regular intervals, creating a tailored and polished appearance. Suitable for both traditional and modern settings, pinch pleats add a refined and sophisticated finish to your windows.

Artisanal Allure with a lovely loose balloon blind:

A balloon blind, also known as a balloon shade or balloon curtain, is a unique and charming window treatment that adds a touch of romance and elegance to a room. This type of blind is characterized by its billowy, balloon-like appearance when raised, creating a soft and graceful effect.

Roman Blinds:

A Roman blind is a versatile and stylish window treatment that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Unlike traditional curtains or drapes, Roman blinds are a type of window covering that folds neatly as it is raised, creating a smooth and tailored appearance when lowered.

Summing up! Selecting the right curtain style for your home involves a careful consideration of your personal preferences, room functionality, what is already in there and the desired ambiance you are aiming for. Whether you lean towards timeless elegance, casual comfort, or modern simplicity, there's a curtain style that can perfectly complement your space. Whatever you choose, curtains are a wonderful way to add pattern and delight to a room and they are guaranteed to transform your home into a haven of style and comfort. 

Up next... leading edges and trims...

"I find a room full of textures, layers and colours exciting and uplifting."

Molly Mahon

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