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The Journey of a Journal

The Journey of a Journal

Join me as I turn the pages of this special project.....

On my first visit to Jaipur I met Priti founder of Craft Boat. I was working from my little garden shed so there was an initial connection when I went to visit her in her converted garage. We have stayed in touch ever since and I have admired her work over these past 6 years.

A few years ago she showed me the paper pulp workshop she has supported and I was hooked. Initially she would go and collect scraps of cotton fabric from garment industries to use for paper making. Now it arrives in bag loads. She has turned waste into the most indulgent of goods, beautiful cotton paper. The workshop is airy and aesthetically pleasing, sheets of paper hanging from brightly coloured clothes pegs.

The process is simple, the scraps are added to very hot water and stirred, as if in a mega large magi-mix. The fibres are broken down and then reconstituted into sheets of paper, so simple, so effective.

I have always loved stationery and so making a blank journal was the perfect way of combining both of our skills. The block printed covers, protect and frame the delicious paper inside.

Back in the day, artists/writers had common place books that they kept on their desks. It was this nostalgic notion that shaped the size of these journals and that prompted me to wrap them in a piece of our block printed fabric. The idea being that you slowly and carefully unwrap the book before using it to write, draw, paint, stick in. Once finished you wrap it carefully away again, an heirloom to keep and hand on.

BUT, my husband cried, how will people know what to do with this today? I know....I will ask some friends to do an entry, that will inspire people...and off my journal went, on a journey around the country landing on the desks, in the studios of a cacophony of not just friends, but family and heroes too. It couldn't have been better....a blank canvas filled with the work of those I most admire. So here are the entires....I hope it inspires you to purchase one of these very special journals, we didn't make many. Fill it with quotes, ideas, doodles, photos, write in your hopes and dreams, stick in tickets, fill it till its bursting, treasure it knowing its been made with 100% good stuff, by good people because we need good stuff like this in our lives.

HUGE THANKS to Cath Kidston, Holly Frean, Debbie George, Celia Lewis, Emma Brigewater, Neisha Crosland, Claire Worthington, Amy Shuckburgh, Lottie Cole, Lani Mahon, Lulu Guinness, Mary Grant, Polly Fern, Aesme Flower Studios and Gabby Deeming....there are plenty more pages left so do get in touch if you would like to add to this now rather collectable hobby of mine!

Get your own Journal here.. Journals 

Enjoy the video and happy Journaling... If you want to listen to the full version of Molly discussing each design go to our youtube channel.

Music credit: A Room With a View by Arte Shaw

"I find a room full of textures, layers and colours exciting and uplifting."

Molly Mahon

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