molly mahon's hand block printed fabric Dahlia and wide stripe in blue covering a garden table at Molesworth at the end of the dahlia season

The Greencombe Collection

Designed in Sussex, hand blocked in Rajasthan
  • Rolls of colourful fabric leaning up against a warehouse wall next to a window from Molly Mahon's Bloom collection

Culminating nostalgic depicitions of Strawberries and Tulips, reworkings of the majestic Mughal flower design, playing with visions of stripes left behind a plough, and a little seeds denoting hope and new beginnings.

A Seasonal Setting

I am absolutely thrilled to have transported the initial drawings out to Rajasthan, the heart of block printing; where they are being meticulously hand block printed on a delicious range of linen and cotton cloths by highly skilled craftsmen.