Making Home


Home is our small slice of the world that we can truly call our own and we believe that every home should be a colourful reflection of its inhabitants.

Why is home so important to us?  It is a crucial point of reference in memory, feeling and imagination.  It is the place for inventing the story of ourselves, it plays a big part for understanding our place in time.  It is our life-narrative.  We also recognise that home is a vital link through which we connect with others and with the world and the universe at large.

If you are not already encouraged we want to inspire you to make your home a place of cheer, comfort and pride.  We believe we offer ‘real’ products for the ‘real’ home, no fashion following or showroom making under our watch!

We are passionate about making a home a beautiful, colourful, joyful space to inspire all who dwell there, that will also stand the test of time, the feet of children and the paws of animals.  With that comes passion in all areas that we work in to create a sophisticated yet playful environment.

To note when making home you don’t have to start to wallpaper your entire house (although its pretty amazing when you do), but, add a touch of MM colour here or there – we think you will find it really is most cheering.

Be bold.  Make your Mark